Cyber Monday free #Visio Checkers!

As it is Cyber Monday, I thought I would give away a compelling checkers board for Visio! In the UK, we call it Draughts, but the rules are the same… in my last post, I showed how to create a chess/checkers/draughts board, and in this one I add some checkers that can glue to the dark squares only!

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I added connection points to the dark squares of my chess/checker board created previously ( What’s the minimum number of rectangles in a Visio chessboard?). These were created with a connection point type of 2 ( Inward/Outward), so that the checkers could have a single connection point of type 1 (Outward). I used a little code to create the connection points on the board, and named them at the same time.


I added some Bevel & Shadow effect to the checkers, and I was almost ready to post this article when I remembered that I needed to be able to see when a checker had become a King. SO, I added a TRUE/FALSE King Shape Data row, and an Action row to allow for toggling this value too. Similarly, the Double Click Event cell was updated to switch between King and not King with the formula:

I doubled the depth of the shadow effect when Prop.King value is TRUE, but that still did not look contrasting enough, so I also added a Glow effect to suit a king!


The Visio file can be downloaded from!AqkzN8kb1lAzpOw3flSkGu7UN3wsKg


2 Responses to “Cyber Monday free #Visio Checkers!”

  1. johnvisiomvp Says:

    You now have a checkered past. Good article.

  2. Cyber Monday giveaway free #Visio Chess | bVisual - for people interested in Microsoft Visio Says:

    […] today, I gave away checkers for Visio (see Cyber Monday free #Visio Checkers! ) , and now this article completes my Cyber Monday freebies with a downloadable chess set for […]

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