A short survey about learning #Visio

I have been a Visio user and developer for over 20 years, and I am aware that there are many long standing Visio users out there who love it too, but there are also some who experience frustrations. This can be down to expectations brought over from using other applications, or just understanding the best way to achieve something from the multiple options available. When it comes to Visio development, I believe it comes down to three possible separate skills :

  • Shape, stencil and templates (aka understanding the ShapeSheet)
  • Automation (using VBA to write macros, or other languages to write add-ins or add-ons)
  • Online Integration ( web pages and apps with Visio Online )

I was inducted into the world of Visio development with 5 days training in Paris in 1996, which was split evenly between the first two areas above. There was no online integration possibilities in those days, but it is now an increasing demand. The recent announcement of Visio integration with Power BI has created a lot of excitement on Twitter.

There used to be Microsoft exam for Visio developers back in 2007, but has since been retired. It used to count towards a Microsoft Partner competency, but there is no personal certification for Visio, so there currently no Partner competency Visio skills count towards. I think this is an oversight, but what do you think? I have created a short survey whose results I will forward to Microsoft, and share on this blog (if enough people actually complete the survey) :

Survey : How easy is it to learn Visio?





22 Responses to “A short survey about learning #Visio”

  1. andywagg Says:

    Question 5 is missing a None choice

  2. Surrogateā„¢ Says:

    Hi, David !
    It is great idea get visio personal certification exam again!
    And also to learn how many people are interested in obtaining such certificates šŸ™‚

  3. Nikolay Says:

    To be honest, I think such an exam would be pretty useless… Visio was quite popular 10 years ago, but I suspect these days one can count “Visio developers” using just fingers on his hand(s).. no? Who would take this exam?

  4. nbelyh Says:

    To be honest, I think such an exam would be pretty useless… Visio was quite popular 10 years ago, but I suspect these days one can count “Visio developers” using just fingers on his hand(s).. no? Who would take this exam?

  5. johnvisiomvp Says:

    The list Surrogate mentions contains user exams for Word Excel, PowerPoint and other Office products. There is no Visio exam. At the time the Visio Dev exam was created, we tried to get MS to also create a Visio user exam without any luck. I still think there should be a user/power user exam before another dev exam is created.

  6. leecashpmp Says:

    The Microsoft Visio certification exam should be restarted. Here is why — the business case in one sentence. Worldwide, with +12,000,000 MS Visio users, surely 120,000 (1%) or even 12,000 (0.1%) would be interested in paying for the Visio training, testing, and certification. Why? As an independent summary and validation, certifications are a valuable add-on to the resumes and/or CVs of professionals.

  7. What is the future of #Visio on the desktop? | bVisual - for people interested in Microsoft Visio Says:

    […] recently created a short survey about learning Visio (A short survey about learning #Visio ) and these are the results that I have had so […]

  8. George C Says:

    Need to redo this survey. Always add “none’ or “haven’t tried/done”

  9. Joseph Dias Says:

    Kindly Send me tutorial

  10. Ismail Says:

    Sir kindly send learning resources of VISIO, I get this link from Quora

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