Data Visualizer for #Visio Pro for Office 365 – Part 1

Microsoft have just released Data Visualizer for Viso Pro for Office 365! This great new feature provides you with the ability to create diagrams from an Excel table automatically. It currently comes with two new templates for creating Basic or Cross-Functional flowcharts, but the feature can be used for many other different types of diagrams.

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I have create a demo video that walks though the process of creating a diagram from Excel using Data Visualizer for Viso Pro for Office 365:

I will explore this new feature some more, but this is a very welcome capability.

Many years ago, there used to a a Flow Chart Wizard in Visio, but it got removed by Microsoft sometime in the early 00’s. This new tool is even better because it provides a framework for different diagram types AND the diagrams can be automatically updated if the data changes!

Microsoft links

Automatically create process diagrams in Visio from Excel data

Create a Data Visualizer diagram

Export and install a Data Visualizer template package

Insiders: Data Visualizer for process diagrams in Visio Pro for O365


Next Part : Data Visualizer for #Visio Pro for Office 365 – Part 2




3 Responses to “Data Visualizer for #Visio Pro for Office 365 – Part 1”

  1. Data Visualizer for #Visio Pro for Office 365 – Part 2 | bVisual - for people interested in Microsoft Visio Says:

    […] to create a Cross-Functional flowchart automatically from an Excel table in my last article ( Data Visualizer for #Visio Pro for Office 365 – Part 1 ), but I often prefer to use a relational data source, such as Access or SQL Server, to store and […]

  2. Sally Brown Says:

    This is a great feature. However, I have just installed Visio PRO for Office 365 and it certainly does not go through the steps that you have shown in the video.
    1. The Data Visualization templates are listed under Excel and not shown as yours are
    2. The wizard automatically opens excel and leaves Visio with no template open for creating new one etc. Do I then select normal Process Flowchart or what??
    3. There is no way of connecting the data to the Visio flowchart at all with connecting the shapes etc.
    Everything I have tried has resulted in a blank Visio Flowchart, blank process steps when I can get it to connect to the excel spreadsheet etc.
    So what is going wrong? I want to do a simple Excel table connected to Visio to automatically create the flowchart.

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