Visio Map of the World

I have often wanted a Visio map of the world, with countries that can be linked to data. There are a number of Visio country shapes that are available for download on the internet, but they are fairly old, and certainly don’t have an up to date world. For example, South Sudan is currently the newest country in the world (2011), though a lot of resources on the web don’t show it. So, I was relieved to find a good SVG world map at . Even better was that each of the shapes are named with the ISO2 code. This meant that I could use Link Data to Shapes to automatically create Shape Data from an Excel worksheet that I put together from various sources.


Note that I had to add Kosovo manually, since it was not on the original map, as it’s status as a country is in dispute. The ISO codes have apparently been temporarily assigned.

The advantage of having this map available in Visio as separate countries, means that it can be used for a variety of reasons, and can be linked to other data sources easily. For example, I have simply added an extra data link to an Excel worksheet that contained a list of the countries where the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development ( ) operates.


You can download the world map from (Visio 2013) and (Visio 2003-10)



25 Responses to “Visio Map of the World”

  1. Rachel Says:

    unfortunately – the file wont open in viso – it says theres an error/corupt

  2. Rachel Says:

    I was really looking forward to this file, unfortunately on download – it says it’s corupt. 😦

    • Rachel Says:

      I also tried to use the same source svg file. I couldn’t figure out how to get visio (2010 Professional) to map in the ISO 2 codes in the SVG file to the shapes – I tried looking through developer mode without much luck. (I’m a newbie to visio) any advice/pointers?

  3. Geo Says:

    mh, teh download dos not work 😦

  4. Private Says:

    Hi how can I change the data so that the countries change colour depending on the rep responsible for that sales region?

  5. Tama Says:

    Thank you for making the diagram available. I’m looking to use this as a base to display user numbers globally broken down by timezone/city or state and graphically display as dot with a label. Any guidance you would be appreciated.

  6. Visio Map of the World Update | bVisual Says:

    […] earlier post about the world in Visio shapes, see , has been one of my most popular, and a reader recently asked about changing the colour of […]

  7. Chris Says:

    Good day, I’ve download the BlankMap provided by the link in your post. When I try and open it in Visio 2007 I get a msg,”The file was opened but some problems were encountered. Details of the problems were added to the log file.”. I’m not sure what to do to fix this error.

  8. aversier Says:

    in 2010 version i cant see all of the continents, for example australia and americas.

  9. Daniel Says:

    Hey guys, I read that some of you have problems opening the files. I endeavoured the same situation after downloading the file. But take a close look at the file extension and you will see the problem that visio has: BlankWorld.vsd.vdx

    The author put a double extension on at least one of the files. You just have to delete the .vdx and leave it as BlankWorld.vsd and the file will open without problems. Hope that comment helps some of you!

  10. Amol Says:

    thnks a lot for the help by placing this visio file
    this is helped me a lot

  11. Anon Says:

    Amazing!!! Thank you so much for your Templates, i wish you all the best and just 3 Thank you’s more! 🙂

  12. Makis Says:

    The links are dead 😦

  13. Алина Says:

    Подскажите пожалуйста можно ли вставить в VISIO карту отдельного государства с городами. Если можно, то как это сделать? Буду очень признательна. Для работы очень нужно!

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