Calibrating a Map in Visio

Many years ago, I wrote a blog article about calibrating a map in Visio ( see ), but I used VBA and a shape from my friend Chris Roth / VisGuy. Well, I have now worked out how to calibrate a map without code!

This could be especially useful now that MapPoint has been deprecated Smile


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Cleaning Visio Documents

A Visio user recently showed me a Visio 2010 document that could not be viewed with the Microsoft Visio Viewer. He could open it in Visio okay, but not in the viewer. Well I tried just removing the unused masters and styles, etc (of which there were quite a few), but that did not allow it to be viewed either. Then I tried the document.Clean() method, and, hey presto, the document could then be viewed. Unfortunately, the Clean() method is not available in the UI, so I have created a macro to make it more accessible.

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The Visio 2010 MVP Sessions–on Windows Phone 8.1

So, I have now published the Visio 2010 MVP Sessions as a Windows Phone 8.1 app too ( see ). This is the second part of my second Universal App.

I had some issues with orientation, and that YouTube videos have to be played via a browser, and not in a XAML media element, however I think that the app provides a handy way to view the 24 videos that Scott , Chris and I made for Microsoft.

The app is available for free from the Windows Phone store ( )… if you have upgraded to the 8.1 OS version.



The Visio 2010 MVP Sessions windows app

When the Microsoft marketing machine moved its sights onto the 2013 of Visio, they decided to upload the 24 videos that I, Scott Helmers and Chris Roth did for Visio 2010 to YouTube. YouTube is great, but it is so large that I get lost looking for stuff that I am interested in, so I have created a handy little Windows 8.1 app to bring all of the videos together.

The content is still very relevant for Microsoft Visio 2013, and we cover a wide area of Visio’s capabilities in these short introductory videos. Each one is between 5 and 7 minutes…ish.

You can install the free app from :



Get a handy pdf of the session links :

Visio Map of the World Update

My earlier post about the world in Visio shapes, see , has been one of my most popular, and a reader recently asked about changing the colour of countries by data not in my original worksheet, and another asked about adding labelled dots.

Well, at first, I thought it would be quite simple to add more Data Graphics with the Color By Value that I already had, but then I realised that I needed to adjust some of the shapes that I had created from SVG in my previous article.

The problem is that some of the country shapes which were converted from SVG have geometry at the top group level. This means that any Data Graphic items, other than Color By Value, are actually sub-shapes of the group and will be hidden by the country shape itself. That is probably why the Data Graphics task, on the selected Afghanistan shape below, sent the AF label over to the right of it, whereas all the group shapes with all their geometry in sub-shapes, such as the AE (United Arab Emirates) shape, placed the label in its centre.


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MVP Sessions for Getting Started with Visio 2010

Back in June 2012, I announced the Microsoft sponsored MVP Sessions for Visio 2010 (see ). Well, Visio 2013 has been released since then, so Microsoft have changed the links for the videos. So, I have created a web page to provide access to them:

I have also created a pdf file with hyperlinks :


US Election Special–Vector Visio 2003 – 2010 Icons

Following on from my previous post,, I have saved the stencil that was generated in Visio 2013 back to Visio 2003 – 2010 format … and, guess what? All of the new Bezier Curves got automatically translated to Nurbs, which means they work! (Except for themes … but they can be coloured)


They can be downloaded from : tp://

Perhaps someone would like to make Data Graphic icons from them ? :


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