Using Visio Professional 2016 Text Callouts, Icon Sets and Data Bars to display data directly

Last year, I blogged about using the master shapes used in Data Graphics in Visio 2013 Professional for displaying data directly, rather than embedded in other shapes as graphic items. Now that Visio Professional 2016 is released, and because there have been some improvements to the graphics, especially for Text Callouts, I have created stencils from the new masters, with some slight changes as outlined in my earlier articles. As before, the stencils can be downloaded into the My Shapes folder, from where they will be available for use at any time. These stencils are freely available to anyone with a Visio Professional 2016 licence.

Text Callouts




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A Table of Visio Data Graphic Icon Sets

I have previously written blog articles about using, and extending, the Microsoft supplied Data Graphic Icons Sets, but I never explicitly listed their variations in a useful visual table. So, here is one:

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Announcing Metro Icons and a Windows App Tile Shape for Visio

My last two blogs have been about how I managed to convert XAML icon shapes into native Visio masters. Well, I have now converted all of Syncfusion’s Metro Studio 2 shapes, and got their permission to release my own version of them. See for more information.


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US Election Special–Vector Visio 2003 – 2010 Icons

Following on from my previous post,, I have saved the stencil that was generated in Visio 2013 back to Visio 2003 – 2010 format … and, guess what? All of the new Bezier Curves got automatically translated to Nurbs, which means they work! (Except for themes … but they can be coloured)


They can be downloaded from : tp://

Perhaps someone would like to make Data Graphic icons from them ? :

Adding the Sixth Legend Icon in Visio 2010

In my previous two articles, I described how to have 6 icons in a Data Graphic Icon Set, and provided some VBA code to make your own icons sets from existing Visio shapes or images. One thing that I overlooked was the Insert Legend command in Visio 2010, because it does not add the sixth icon automatically, so this blog describes how to add it. As a side effect, the code also enables the legend labels of icon and CBV (Color By Value) items to be edited.

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Make Your Own Visio Data Graphic Icons Sets … automatically

In my last post, I showed how you can actually have up to six icons in a Visio Data Graphics Icon Set ( see ), and I finished by saying that I would now show how to create new icon sets from existing shapes … automatically. In fact, I will show you how to do it with existing SmartShapes or with images.

I was asked to make KPI icons from six weather images:


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How to have six icons in a Visio Data Graphic Icon Set

I was recently asked to represent the values of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in Visio. Great, I thought, this is just what Visio’s Data Graphic Icon Sets are for! Only trouble was, that there were six possible values for the KPI, but all the example Icon Sets have a maximum of five icons in them. So, I had to come up with a way of displaying six icons …

In the following example, I have defined a Shape Data row with a Fixed List type that can have a value from the list “3;2;1;-1;-2;-3


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