Dropping and Connecting Linked Data Shapes in Visio

I like linking data to shapes in Visio. It saves time in filling in Shape Data and adding text, or any Data Graphic to them. Basically I am lazy, and I also like to create macros for repetitive tasks, so in this blog I provide two macros to save the drudgery of two tasks I do so often:

  1. Dropping and data linking a number of items from an External Data recordset filtered by values in a column or columns
  2. Connecting shapes together following a parent-child relationship between Shape Data values


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Calibrating a Map in Visio

Many years ago, I wrote a blog article about calibrating a map in Visio ( see https://blog.bvisual.net/2008/09/30/moving-between-visio-and-kml/ ), but I used VBA and a shape from my friend Chris Roth / VisGuy. Well, I have now worked out how to calibrate a map without code!

This could be especially useful now that MapPoint has been deprecated Smile


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Updating the file path of data linked Excel tables in Visio

Link Data to Shapes in Visio (not the Standard edition though) is great for visualizing information, and I often use a multi-worksheet Excel workbook that I create locally, and then wish to re-link to a copy of the workbook elsewhere, or even in Office365. This is a simple task if there are only one or two Excel tables involved, but can become tedious when there are many. So, this blog is presents an semi-automated method of achieving this.

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Visio for Mac ? Well, not really ….

My fellow Visio MVP, John Marshall (see https://johnvisiomvp.wordpress.com), pointed out recently that Lucid Software claim to have a Visio for Mac application that offers import and export of real Visio files. Well, although I would love to have a web-edition of Visio from Microsoft, I was interested to discover if the claims are true … so I signed up for a trial. I present my findings below, based on just one Visio document that I have used in this blog before ( see https://blog.bvisual.net/2013/07/08/mvp-sessions-for-getting-started-with-visio-2010/ ). My conclusion is if you use Visio for high quality vector graphics or for any type of business intelligence then wait for Microsoft to do it right! Please do not even consider round tripping Visio files to Lucidcharts and back, because you will be extremely disappointed.

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Announcing visViewer 4th edition … and why I did it

Sometimes I get really frustrated with Microsoft. They have a really great data-diagramming product with Visio, which they bought for the largest amount that they had ever paid for an acquisition at the time in 1999, but they have not succeeded in marketing the virtues of visual data to most of the Office community. I have always thought that one of the reasons for that is a misguided belief that you should not be able to make good use of Visio diagrams without purchasing Visio. My evidence for this is the lack of data, and sometimes hyperlinks, that are with each shape in the various outputs such as XPS, PDF, and Save As Web. For me, this is a missed opportunity because each of these formats could include data and multiple hyperlink support for each shape. Indeed, it should have been relatively simple for Microsoft to integrate Visio better with Word, Excel and PowerPoint … and I mean graphics and data, not just dumb pictures.

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Cleaning Visio Documents

A Visio user recently showed me a Visio 2010 document that could not be viewed with the Microsoft Visio Viewer. He could open it in Visio okay, but not in the viewer. Well I tried just removing the unused masters and styles, etc (of which there were quite a few), but that did not allow it to be viewed either. Then I tried the document.Clean() method, and, hey presto, the document could then be viewed. Unfortunately, the Clean() method is not available in the UI, so I have created a macro to make it more accessible.

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Social learning about Visio made easy

I wrote my Visio MVP Sessions Universal app ( see https://blog.bvisual.net/2014/07/02/the-visio-2010-mvp-sessionson-windows-phone-8-1/ ) to provide access to the educational content that we did for Visio 2010. I was concerned because the links had disappeared from the Microsoft web site in favour of Visio 2013 content, but they are all together now in the social learning portal that Microsoft partners can provide now using the TidWiT portal … plus there is a lot more great content.


Simply click on http://bvisual.ontidwit.com/ to explore …



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