Displaying Inches as Fractions

I was recently asked if the Size & Position Window in Visio can display fractions of inches as fractions rather than as decimals.  Well, most people are aware than you can type fractions into the Size & Position Window, but it is immediately translated into decimals, and I cannot find any way to keep the display as fractions, however you can link Shape Data (nee Custom Properties) to the width and height.

In the image below, I have added two Shape Data rows (Prop.Width and Prop.Height) and I have linked the values of the rows to the shape’s Width and Heights with the formulae =SETATREF(Width) and =SETATREF(Height).

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Visio Viewer Developer Reference Released

Following on from my blog about the Microsoft Visio Viewer, I am delighted that Microsoft have published a developer reference for it (long overdue, but very welcome).  See the MSDN pages at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc297217.aspx and Visio Insight blg http://blogs.msdn.com/visio/archive/2009/01/14/developer-reference-for-visio-2007-viewer-released.aspx

Turning OFF The Cross Functional Flowchart Addon in Visio

Following on from my last blog, my colleague also needs to stop the Cross Functional Flowchart behaviour in a Visio Diagram.  Well, I was almost fooled again into thinking that it might be as simple as removing the Persistent Events using the tool in the Visio SDK.

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Closing Shape Data Sets window in Visio 2007

A colleague recently asked me how to close the Shape Data Sets window so that it does not automatically re-open when you open the drawing again.  My first thoughts was that this is surely a simple matter of saving the workspace, but it appears that this is not the case!  I found that other Visio users have had the same problem, so I thought I would present my solution (until Microsoft fix it!).

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