How to Design and Optimize Omni-Channel Customer Experiences with #Visio

On November 2, 2016 at 15.00 to 15.45 (GMT+2) , I will be presenting a 45 minute webinar about using Visio to create customer journeys for multiple channels, and then how to overlay with metrics to visualize the efficiency of each touch point.

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#MSIgnite Sessions to Watch in #Visio

Well, MS Ignite is over for another year. I planned to visit loads of sessions, but the reality was that I spent many hours on the Visio booth. Fortunately, many of them were recorded, including ours, but I don’t have time to watch over 700 videos! So, I looked through them all and picked out 50-odd, and used Get & Transform in Excel again to create suitable queries to link to Visio.


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Updates from #MSIgnite #Visio booth

Yesterday was the first proper day at MS Ignite Conference, and we had an extremely busy day on the Visio booth. There was a lot of interest in the Visio Online Preview and Visio on iPad that we had on show, and of course, the cool data linking features in Visio.

You may still be  able to sign up for the Visio on iPad Insider Program using this link. It requires a short survey, and you must be part of an organization. Also, there is more information about the Visio Online Preview using this link .


Packt have kindly provided two discount codes for my book during the conference. Use ‘MVPeBK15’ for 15% off the RRP off the printed version, or ‘MVPeBK50’ for 50% off the RRP of the eBook at

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Updates to #MSIgnite #Visio Session Documents

I will be leaving soon for Atlanta to the MS Ignite Conference, but first I checked the latest schedule and found some additions and some slight title changes, so I have updated the documents provided in my last two posts:

MS Ignite Conference 2016 Sessions in Visio

Visio Sessions at MS Ignite Conference 2016

Also, I have produced a short, silent video of the process to import your own Ignite Trip Report.docx from the MS Ignite website to Visio.

See you in Atlanta!


MS Ignite Conference 2016 Sessions in Visio

I presented a Visio-based visualizer of personal schedule session locations in my last post ( Visio Sessions at MS Ignite Conference 2016 ), and in this one I present a visualization of the location of all of the sessions. Again, a Visio document download is provided that contains some macros to set the time slicer. The Visio user can set the day and time to view, and all of the sessions in each zone, that are on at that time, will be made visible. Sessions that are just finished will fade from view, and the next sessions will fade into view. All other sessions will be invisible. The Section view shows how many sessions are running in each zone at the selected time.

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Visio Sessions at MS Ignite Conference 2016

I will be a co-presenter at the Microsoft Ignite Conference on 28th Sept. 2016 ( see Dive deep into advanced Data Visualization with Visio ) along with my fellow MVPs Scott Helmers and Ed Richard, and led by Sandeep Srivastava, from Microsoft. I am really looking forward to it because it will be a great opportunity to learn more about all of the exciting developments happening at Microsoft nowadays. Of course, I will also be showing off what we can do in Visio too, and to that end I have created a session location finder in Visio.

The MS Ignite Conference is an enormous 5 day event, with over 1300 sessions spread over three buildings and 5 floors. The conference website provides the opportunity to build your personal schedule, and to download a Word trip report. Unfortunately, this report does not include the rooms and the zone or building that they are in. Therefore, I used some of my facilities management experience and Visio to provide a multipage Visio document with building section and plans provide the location context for each session in my, or attendees, schedule.

Section TImer.gif

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Update to multiSelect – tracing sub-shape connections in Visio

Most of my Visio diagrams have simple connections between shapes, and my previous post about connections used a flowchart as an example (see ). However, it has come to my attention that some Visio developers add connection points to sub-shapes of Visio group shapes, and then connect between the sub-shapes. This means that the code in my previous article would need to be adapted to cater for this scenario. It has also meant that I needed to update my free multiSelect Visio add-in needed an update. The updated version ( is for Visio 2010+, and is available from .

multiSelect Tracing connected sub-shapes

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