Visio Video Filming for Future Viewing

What a week we just had! Microsoft invited three Visio MVPs and book authors to record 24 short videos on Visio. They will be published gradually over the next few months. We converged on Microsoft’s studios in Redmond from Boston, Germany and the UK for two days of intensive filming. It was enlightening, enriching and exhausting. The videos will only be a few minutes long each (apparently most online viewers can only last 90 seconds), but they cover a wide area of Visio uses, and contain a few good productivity tips.

My fellow MVP video hosts are : Scott Helmers (the one with the beard below) who wrote Microsoft Visio 2010 Step By Step (see ), and Chris Roth, aka VisGuy, who is the author of Using Visio 2010 . And, of course, I have written two books on Visio …. I’m not in the photos because I took them ….


So, look out for these videos appearing on Microsoft’s website, or one one of our blogs….

image imageimageimage

Feeding Microsoft ….

If you have ever wondered what a Visio-phile looks like, you might like to see the interview that I did recently :

No other comment necessary … though I expect my fellow MVPs might offer me some Smile


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