Visio and Bing Maps for Travel Photos

I am not sure how to categorise this article because it covers Visio, Bing Maps and travel.  I went to Pisa and Florence for a weekend break this month, and took many photos that I stitched together with Microsoft ICE (Image Composite Editor).  Well, I wanted to show-off these photos as I have done on previous articles, but I wasn’t satisfied with how I presented them before. so I re-used and adapted some of my previous work (see!3350D61BC93733A9!1005.entry), and some of John Goldsmith’s (see, and one of Chris Roth’s blogs (see

Firstly, I couldn’t resist taking this photo of a bollard, on the Lungarno Amerigo Vesspucci in Florence, that has been used over and over again to lock-up locals motorbikes:


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Creating Linked Timelines From Project

A recent newsgroup question asked if it is possible to create shapes in Visio 2007 that are linked to tasks in a timeline in Project …. without lots of coding!  Well, that sounds like a challenge that I can’t resist, so here goes!

First, I am using Microsoft Project 2007 and I have loaded the Commercial Construction sample project that is in the Visio SDK.


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MVP Conference 2010 and Visio Services

I went to the annual MVP Conference in February, and had a really good time, as usual.  It is great to see so many people who give their time and expertise for free in all areas of technology, but the highlight for me (besides the skiing on the Saturday) has to be meeting with the Visio product team for two days.  We really feel that they listen to us, and we like to hear what they might be considering for the future.  I presented my take on the forthcoming validation API in Visio 2010 Premium (did I mention I am writing a book about it?), and others presented their areas of interest.  One bit of Visio that stood out was the potential of Visio Services with SharePoint 2010.  Obviously the Microsoft Visio team were excited about this, and the Visio MVPs are relishing it too, but what about the rest of the world?  Well, I think the message is getting out … hopefully Visio will no longer be Microsoft’s best kept secret!

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