Linking an Access Web Database to Visio

There is a great video on Channel 9 about Access Web Apps, and how to link to them on the desktop ( see However, they never mentioned linking to Visio, so I thought I would correct that omission. I had previously tried to use Link Data to Shapes with an Access Web database, but failed, however watching this video encouraged me to try again!

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Limited time offer to buy my book half-price!

Those kind people at Packt have decided to offer my book for half-price from 16th until 24th September 2015!

Please visit for more information… and it is valid for Microsoft Visio 2016 too!

bVisual win in The Technology Innovator Awards 2015

bVisual ltd have won an award for Commitment to Visio Based Development – UK!

Check out for all the winners….




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My SQL and SharePoint Saturday additional content

I am presenting my view of using Visio to Visualize data with SQL Server and SharePoint today. The slideshow is available for viewing at but, whilst I wait for my turn to talk, I have created a smart prism shape to demonstrate many of the smartness of shapes and the data linking features of Visio. The file can be downloaded from .



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Visualising SharePoint and SQL Data with Visio Professional

I will be venturing to the dark side of the moon on Saturday 12th September 2015 at SQL Saturday in Cambridge, UK ( see ).

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Formatting Shape Data in Visio

One of the best aspects of Visio is the ability of shapes to hold data, and the easiest way to do this is to define rows of Shape Data. Each row can be defined as holding one of eight different types, and most of these can have their values formatted for display. In this article I discuss the formatting of these values, using either ShapeSheet functions or automation methods. The driver for this is my on-going frustration with the Microsoft provided standard Shape Data window because of its shortcomings … for example, its lack of multi-line support even though it can hold 64k characters in each row, and its lack of a time control, even though it can store dates and time.


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Power Map is looking pretty powerful!

I watched a presentation today about some of the new features of Power Map. I was impressed, and the surprising thing is that the data does not have to be location data to get a 3D visualisation. All that is needed is to establish a co-ordinate system and any data can be transformed … and it can even have a time dimension!



It can do some visualisations that are just not possible with Visio, but I could see that Visio could be used to feed custom maps to Power Map with base layers and a co-ordinate system.

Cool custom maps :

I will play some more with this soon….


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